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Our Instructors will take a deep personal interest in your lessons. Remember, if you have any questions about your lessons, you may
write your questions on one of the special “Quick Reply” letters that you will receive with your first set of lessons, or call the school at
1-800-821-3452, 8:00 – 4:30 CST, Monday through Friday.
All of the Instructors at Foley-Belsaw have years of technical home study instructional and industry experience. Our Instructors will
do their best to offer you individualized help on any lesson you may be having problems with… and this professional help is yours
at no extra charge by simply contacting the school. We also have a highly trained Customer/Student Service Staff that will assist you
with any other questions that you may have.
Refund Policy
1. Students who cancel within 30 days of their enrollment date and have not submitted any lessons for grading will receive a
complete refund of all monies paid.
2. Students who cancel 31to 60 days after their enrollment date OR have submitted not more than one set of lessons for grading will
be charged 1/3 of their tuition.
3. Students who cancel up to 90 days after their enrollment date OR have submitted not more than two sets of lessons for grading
will be charged 2/3 of their tuition.
4. Students who cancel after 90 days from their enrollment date OR have submitted more than two sets of lessons for grading will
be charged their full tuition.
5. Students wishing to cancel must contact Foley-Belsaw at 1-800-821-3452 for a returned goods authorization number and
the correct address for returning their materials. Returning materials to an improper address or without a returned goods
authorization number may cause you to incur an enrollment fee of $50.00. Foley-Belsaw is not responsible for any materials
returned to an incorrect address or without proper authorization.
6. Within one year of cancellation, any student wishing to resume their training may apply for permission to do so to the Institute
and will incur a $50.00 re-enrollment fee. On acceptance, you will be given credit for any lessons completed and monies paid.
Write us • Fax 1-715-426-2198 • Call 1-800-821-3452
Your training is backed by The Foley-Belsaw Company, a major corporation with a record of satisfied customers throughout the
United States and 50 foreign countries since 1926.
We suggest that you make a copy of this enrollment form front and back for your records before mailing to the school.
Lesson Score
Letter Grade Rating- Pass/Fail
90% to 100%
80% to 89%
Very Good/Passing
70% to 79%
Good or Passing
60% to 69%
Below 60%
On acceptance of your Enrollment Application, Foley-Belsaw
will immediately rush you your first set of lessons and materials
(known as a SkillPak). You have thirty days from your enroll-
ment date to review these materials without obligation. As you
proceed through your course and complete your lessons, you will
be instructed to periodically send in grading materials for evalua-
tion and grading by your Instructor. Your Instructor will carefully
review your work and return your grade along with any comments
and suggestions for improvement
It is the Institute’s desire to assist our students whenever we can.
To that end, we encourage all students who have a concern to
contact the Institute and take advantage of the Student Services
provided for their use. Students may contact the Institute via
the US Mail, Fax or by Telephone at the address/numbers listed
below. In order to assist students quickly and completely, it is
suggested that they follow the following procedure.
1. Students should start out by contacting one of our Customer
Service Representatives. They are trained to provide you with
assistance in a variety of ways and can offer additional direction
when and if it is necessary. If a student feels that the representa-
tive was not able to adequately address their concern, students
may request to speak with their Instructor.
2. If, after exploring their concern with their Instructor, they feel
that they need further assistance, students should feel free to con-
tact the Institute’s Director of Training or President.
The school will provide a transcript to the student free of charge
at any time. Students may make such requests by contacting the
school at 1-800-821-3452.
Contact Information:
Foley-Belsaw Institute Telephone (800) 821-3452
1173 Benson St Fax (715) 426-2198
PO Box 401
River Falls, WI 54022-0401
This monthly payment plan is designed for students who wish to
pay their tuition over time. Students who choose this plan may re-
ceive one SkillPak for each $55.00 payment received in advance.
It is understood, that upon the student’s acceptance of this plan,
that the student agrees to make their minimum monthly payments
in full and on time to remain in good standing.
The Pay-As-You-Learn Plan requires a minimum of one $55.00
payment per month, regardless of the student’s progress in the
Students not in good standing for a period of 90 days will have
their payment privileges revoked and their FULL remaining ac-
count balance will become immediately due. The student’s ac-
count may also be turned over for collection and their information
forwarded to their credit bureau. Students further agree that they
will be responsible for any additional expenses incurred in the
collection process. Students who pay their delinquent accounts in
full within two years of the original enrollment may be allowed to
finish their course.
At the completion of a lesson or group of lessons (SkillPak), you will
take an “open book” exam which is graded on the following scale:
An overall program average of 60% or above is required to gradu-
ate and receive a diploma.